Yukimi Stone Lantern Sold Out


Yukimi stone lantern

Today, one Greek man came to our shop and bought a yukimi stone lantern. We are very happy to know that our stone lantern will place in his wonderful garden in Greece!

Yukimi stone lantern

This design is quite popular among foreign customers (Last time, we sent this to Europe, too). It can be separated into 5 parts and its weight is about 15 kg. Although it is heavy, but it is still possible to bring back to your hometown by flight. In fact, today’s our guest did that. He thought he could put the stone lantern into his carry case. Another person did the same thing several years ago, too. Of course, we could ship overseas, but as you might expect, shipping fee is quite high. Therefore, these small lanterns can be brought to other countries with you. If you are worried about shipping fee, please let us know. We understand your situation, and try to provide the best choice for you.

This yukimi stone lantern is sold out today, but we still have bigger size and small size in the same shape. We are planning to get new lanterns, too. If you have Japanese style garden in your house, it would be very nice to have Japanese stone lanterns carved by Japanese, or whose material is made of Japan.

If you have a chance, please stop by our shop and see our stone lantern garden 🙂