Japanese Stone Artworks

Japanese stone lantern made of sandstone

In recent years, many foreigners have been paying attention to Japan’s unique development in stone culture, which differs from other countries. Japanese culture is closely intertwined with stones. Temples and shrines feature striking stone structures, and as one walks along the streets, it is common to come across stone statues and stone pagodas.

Taking a closer look at Japanese culture through the lens of stones allows for new discoveries.

Stone Lanterns

Overflowing with Japanese essence, the stone lantern. Originally used to illuminate light, stone lanterns began to play a role as one of the scenic elements in Japanese gardens since the era when Japanese gardens flourished. In our showroom, we offer a variety of stone lanterns in different sizes.

Jizo Statues

Having been beloved by the common people since ancient times, Ojizo-sama is a deeply familiar Buddhist figure for the Japanese. Even today, shrines dedicated to Ojizo-sama can be found throughout Japan. Placing Ojizo-sama with its gentle and warm expression in one’s own space brings a sense of tranquility. We offer a wide range of hand-carved works by stone craftsmen from various regions across the country.

Stone Sclupture

The intricately carved Japanese stone sculptures exude a sophisticated impression that is unparalleled, gaining immense popularity among foreigners. There are numerous charming stone creations, such as frog and owl, radiating a playful spirit. The motifs of stone Buddhas and animals reflect elements rooted in Japanese culture and nature, contributing to their international appeal. Our company offers hand-carved works by traditional Japanese artisans. The hand-carved pieces showcase the craftsmen’s skill and proficiency, possessing a unique beauty. Carved individually by human hands, each piece bears an unparalleled uniqueness and value.

ISHIMO’s Online Shop for Traditional Stone Works

We also have an online store offering traditional stone sculptures such as Japanese stone lanterns and Jizo statues. We welcome orders from overseas, and various payment methods, including PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, and others, are accepted. Please explore our special shop, operated by a stone artisan in Kyoto. We look forward to serving you.

ISHIMO (Online Shop)

ISHIMO’s Showroom in Kyoto

Stone lanterns and Jizo statues in ISHIMO’s showroom

Located near Nijo Castle, ISHIMO’s showroom is very easy to access. We have traditional Japanese stone artworks. Our outside showroom is just like a Japanese garden and there are many kinds of Japanese stone lanterns, Jizo statues and others placed there. You could choose from various kinds of Japanese stones. We could send items overseas, as well.


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History of ISHIMO

Stone artisans in Meiji Period

ISHIMO is a stone company established in 1726 in Kyoto, Japan. We have created various kinds of traditional Japanese stone artworks, such as Torii gate, Komainu guardian dogs, and Buddhist statues. We have constructed many traditional sceneries in Japan by using stones.

Custom-Made Orders

Our strength is to create custom-made stone pieces. Using our know-how, our designers specialized in stone propose an ideal solution for you. From authentic style to modern design, we could provide ideas. By cooperating with stonemasons around Japan, we choose suitable stone and way of carving. Please contact through contact form.

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