Are you looking for special and uncommon Japanese souvenir? If you are a connoisseur of Japanese traditional culture, natural stone Jizo statue would be a perfect item for you. Jizo statue has been valued by Japanese people for a long time. They are often enshrined in Japanese Buddhist temples or roadside for locals. By placing a Jizo statue, you could easily make a Japanese-style garden or room. There are small size statues in order to bring back to your country (Shipping overseas is also available). Many of our Jizos were curved by a Japanese stonemason, so it would be the only handmade statue for you. We could produce stone items according to your request, too.

All Jizo statues we introduce in this page are sold in our shop in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. If it is difficult for you to visit us, you could use online shop too!

Jizo statue in sale

Three Child Jizo with a plate

Three child Jizo with a plate

These three Jizo, curved by a stone artist in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. The stone type is Kimachi stone, produced in the same area. The height is about 10 cm only. These cute three Jizo would fit well in your room or garden. The plate is also made of Kimachi stone.

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Warabe Jizo

warabe Jizo

This Jizo is very popular among foreign tourists. Its design is classic, so many people who like to have traditional items like to choose this Jizo. It was also curved one by one, by a stone artist in Shimane Prefecture. There are only two warabe Jizo in our shop now.

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Warabe Jizo Relief

As you can see from pictures, this Jizo statue is very flat. Therefore, it is quite light and easy to change places. Thanks to the metal fitting behind, this statue is stable, and you don’t have to be worried about falling over.

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