Octagon Shaped Japanese Stone Lantern

ISHIMOショップ 石仏、石彫刻

octagon shaped Japanese stone lantern

Japanese stone lantern has many types. There are many shapes, such as triangle, square, hexagon, and octagon. Today, we introduce octagon shaped Japanese stone lantern.

History of Octagon Shaped Stone Lantern

Octagon shaped stone lantern were mainly carved in old era, such as Nara, Heian, and the middle of Kamakura era. After the Kamakura period, the shape has gradually changed from octagon to hexagon. Nowadays, you could see these stone lantern especially in Nara, Shiga, and Kyoto Prefecture. It is said that octagon shaped stone lantern was introduced from China to Japan when Buddhism came to this island.

Our Octagon Shaped Stone Lantern

octagon shaped Japanese stone lantern
octagon shaped Japanese stone lantern in our shop

In our garden, we display this octagon shaped stone lantern. This is made-in-Japan product, using granite. The granite is called “Hiyoshi-sakura granite,” produced in Gifu Prefecture. Having a classical and beautiful shape, this stone lantern would suit in any garden. 97 cm in height.

If you like to see this directly, please visit our store in Kyoto!