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Stone Lantern, Jizo Statue, Washbasin, and Stone Products for Japanese Garden

ISHIMO deals traditional Japanese stone lanterns, garden stone washbasins, Jizo, stone statues

Stone Lantern, Jizo Statue, and Stone Washbasin for Japanese Garden for sale!

A store of traditional Japanese stone products in Kyoto

ISHIMO is a stone company in Kyoto, Japan. We have a wide range of historical and traditional Japanese stone items, such as stone lantern, stone washbasin for Japanese style garden, Jizo statues, fox and Buddhist stone figurine for Japanese garden. Make your own authentic Japanese style garden with our stone ornaments and arts. English speaking staffs are available at our store.

We have an online shopping store for Japanese stone tools.
Natural Stone Online Store “ISHIMO”(Some articles written only in Japanese.)
ISHIMO, online store for Japanese natural stone items

Stone Lantern (Toro)

Stone lanterns (toro in Japanese) are often placed in traditional gardens in Japan. It is an ideal ornament for Japanese garden lovers. You can buy real Japanese style lanterns at our store in Kyoto. We have various sizes from mini to big ones for lightning up, and shapes such as round, rectangle, and pagoda.

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Visit our store in Kyoto, and check our Toro collection directly!

Stone Washbasin for Japanese Garden (tsukubai)

Tsukubai is a stone washbasin for Japanese style garden. By placing a stone washbasin, you can produce wabi-sabi atmosphere in your garden.

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Visit our store in Kyoto, and check our stone washbasin collection directly!

Jizo Statues

Jizo bodhisattva (bosatsu) is one of Buddha statues widely loved by Japanese people. The figurine is often placed by temples or Japanese gardens. is the most popular garden statue among our foreign customers. We have many types of stone Jizo stone sculptures for Japanese souvenir, or as for a garden ornament for your Japanese style garden.

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Visit our store in Kyoto, and check our Jizo bodhisattva collection directly!

Fox, Komainu (guardian dogs), and Other Stone Statues

Stone fox statues and komainu (guardian dogs) statues can be placed on private Japanese gardens. Recently, many foreign customers like to have historical Japanese stone statues in their house. Skilled Japanese stone masons make your original statues only for you.

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Company name: Yoshimura Stone Co., Ltd. (株式会社 芳村石材店)
Address: 5-208, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan 602-8043
Phone Number: +81-75-211-2714
Business Hour: 8:00-17:00 Monday – Saturday

We have displays for stone lantern, stone washbasin, Jizo statues and other stone ornaments at our shop in Kyoto city. Please check access page and visit our store!

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