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English Page | 石茂 ㈱芳村石材店

Yoshimura Stone Co., Ltd. is a traditional stone company in Kyoto, japan.

Welcome to ISHIMO Website!

A Traditional Stone Company in Kyoto, Japan

Thank you for visiting our website. We have been worked as a stone company since the Edo Period, over 300 years. We mainly repair Japanese historical architectures in temples and shrines. We also make Japanese authentic stone statues such as Jizo, fox and Buddhist images. We deal stone lanterns and water pots for Japanese traditional garden, too.

Our Products

Stone Ornaments for Japanese Garden

stone lantern for Japanese garden
stone lantern in a Japanese authentic garden

Would you like to make your own Japanese garden in your place?
If you want to create an authentic one, stone items such as stone lantern and water pot would make your garden more elegant.
We can make your favorite design, too.

Japanese Stone Souvenirs

Jizo statues and other stone ornaments
Jizo statues and other stone ornaments

Looking for special Japanese souvenirs?
Our stone ornaments are very authentic Japanese style and there are many choices, such as Jizo statues, animal statues and others.
We have small size items too, so you could bring back to your country as a special Japanese souvenir.

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