Japanese people have been created many types of stone statues. If you visit Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines in Japan, you would see lots of them, such as Buddhist images, fox and other animals, and imaginary creatures, as well. These days, we feel that more and more foreign people like to have their own stone statues for placing in their house or garden.

ISHIMO has been produced various types of stone statues since we open. We can still find many ISHIMO statues in temples and shrines, especially in Kyoto. If you like to have Japanese stone statues, we have some items sold in our shop.

When we curve stone statue, we order to stone artisans in famous stone producing areas, such as Aichi Prefecture and Shikoku area. Using selected stone, professional stone masons curve your statues. We take your request, and suggest designs. Shipping oversea is available.


komainu statue placed in front of our shop in Kyoto city.